But it sure looks that way. While at the store, I was looking at something to purchase (or not) and suddenly hear, “Oh No!” or “what do you think?”, or other exclaimination I won’t repeat… and, turning around to check if they are ok, or respond with a friendly neighborly comment –  suddenly discover their eyes are glazed over – conversing with their own inner sanctum, and staring at me as if I just walked into an invitation-only party. They look normal. But they’re not. There is something growing out of their ear.

In the car, that little device might save a life. Problem is, it does not stay there. It has become an attachment, like glasses, soon to become an ornament, I’m sure…color, rhinestones…whatever.

I loved the days when I knew who the wonderful crazy people were…they wore hoards of American Flags, pretended they were giving orders on the Battleship Potemkin, and imploring me to be cautious of things only they could see. Now I know the people with bugs on their ears are not all crazy but …..

The time-honored neighborly art of chit-chat is now officially bluetooth challenged.